No, I'm not an astronaut (although THAT would be a time!) I'm a coach, and I'm here to help you see how freakin' WORTHY you are. I'm holding space for you by KNOWING how amazing you are and the bloody AMAZING things you are going to achieve.

Tash is kind hearted, has a tender spirit and had much genuine love to give.  After my first session with her I left feeling incredibly LOVED & empowered to step into my best version of myself. She has so much value to offer, I can’t recommend for you to work with her enough!!  Thank you so so much Tash!

– Angharad, Taranaki

Gal, I’m your ride or die. 

You’ve been holding out for a person to come along and SHOW you how WORTHY you are (literally an infinite amount).

You’re feeling stuck, you just can’t seem to shake the feeling that you’re made for more but you just don’t know how to achieve it. 

You have some BIG goals and I’m here to guide you along the path of complete bad ass-ery (basically you smash those goals and aim for bigger and bigger things). 

Let’s have a chat and see where we can add VALUE to your life! 

Oh did I mention...

One of my absolute passions is making other gals realise their worth. 

There are so many of us who move through life, supporting the shit out of everyone else yet when it comes time for us to give ourselves a good-work-high-five, we shy away.

I’m setting aside a lot of different stigmas. My favourites (read: the most shit ones) at the moment are these doozies: 

  1. “Acknowledging your achievements is up yourself”.
  2. “Your weight determines your worth”.
  3. “Society knows best”.

As woman we should be hyping each other up, not shutting each other down and sometimes you need a wee reminder that you are SO WORTH IT – enter self love qween me (yah I’m claiming the crown, it’s my website I’ll do what I like).

I coach women (and hey dudes, you’re welcome too!) to realise their VALUE by UNLOCKING the SELF LOVE DOOR and holding it open so you can walk right on in.  

If you wake up and dislike what you see in the mirror I CAN HELP.

If you hate shopping because you don’t think you fit the societal fashion mold – I CAN HELP.

If you know deep down that there’s a gorgeous woman at your core, but you can’t for the life of you find her on the outside – I CAN HELP

A Podcast for Self Love GURUS

Come and Join the Tribe

Want to become apart of something revolutionary? Something that makes you scream "YAASSS" (like the wholesome qween you are) .

The Chronicles of a Self Love Activist podcast is your one-stop-shop for that juicy soul feeling. We talk to everyday gals like you and me who have been through shit and have come out the other side triumphant. These are the girls who have learned to love themselves, who have been through fire and come out empowered & renewed - Khaleesi-style.

We are self love activists, we are our own gang and as whanau we stand tall and welcome the challenges that face us.

Come and say hi - we would love to hear your story.

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