Legit - it's super awesome to meet you!

Hi! I'm Tasha

I’m that girl who trips over in front of the hot guy at a party, the chick who laughs too loud in a quiet room and the gal who will pick you up when you’re down. 

I’m clumsy, I change my hair colour like it’s going out of fashion (ironically it kinda usually is) and I love ginger beer more than life itself. 

I’m a self love qween and couldn’t imagine doing life in any other body or with any other personality than the one I’ve got. 

What about the substance though? Who am I when I’m at home… I’m a trained journalist, a studying counsellor and I’m also an area representative for high school exchange students. 

I struggled with self-acceptance for years and I firmly believe society can get f*cked in a whole lot of areas (NO you don’t need to diet to be accepted, you DON’T need to do a 9-5 to be successful and your worth on this planet is NOT measured by your weight). I could ramble about this topic for weeks. 

I swear a lot, I chase my dreams and I make mistakes but I never let myself get knocked down and I continue to strive to be the best version of me I can. 

I practice self love, gratitude and celebrating you for you and I can’t wait for you to say hi

The whole story...

Oh you wanted the warts’n’all, tell-all reveal? Well here it is, juicy soul devouring bits and all. 

Imma jump right in. During high school I hated myself with a passion, I put a lot of pressure on me to be the best I could, so much so that it negatively impacted my mental health. In my last year at school I became depressed and the negative self talk along with the crushing pressure to achieve in my school work, to have enough friends, to get a boyfriend, to play sport to a high level wasn’t sustainable for me. 

I was lucky enough to have family who had been through the same thing – they supported me, they helped me and they understood. From there I started to rebuild myself, my mind, my thoughts. I began to think critically about society and the role we are all expected to play while we are fleetingly on this planet and I began to see that I disagreed with a lot of it. I went on a gap year and lived abroad, the travel instilled that I could do whatever the hell I wanted to and I was put in situations time and time again that challenged me to step up and act and I did. Although I was beginning to challenge societal expectations, I still wanted to do the university thing, I wanted to make my Mum and Dad proud and it looked like a fun life event to be involved in. I had a blast, did the typical student thing and then came back home. For some reason, when I got back to New Zealand my confidence took a dive. I got a job as a journo, externally I was ticking boxes and looked like I had my shit sorted.

Shock horror – I didn’t. A bad break-up and leaving my job simultaneoulsy caused a massive shake-up of the truths I had been telling myself. I became pretty listless and entered temp work. I had no idea where my life was supposed to be heading and while I was having fun, I also knew I wasn’t living my life to its fullest potential. I had a niggling feeling that I was meant for some pretty big things (if I’m honest with myself, I knew this for a long time) but I was content to push that feeling down and just cruise at my 9-5, partying in the weekends and enjoy my life with no pressure. I wouldn’t have it any other way, it was a good time and I needed to build back some understanding about myself and to gain clarity on a few other home truths (like it’s ok to say no to things – no matter what you think the expectation is for you). I also started to really open up my spirituality and gain more understanding of the universe. I had ended a temp assignmentwith NO IDEA what I was going to do next and the need for a holiday.

A week before things were about to end I got a call from an old friend who was coming over to NZ for a week and wondered if I wanted to spend any time in Queenstown. Helloooo universe, yes please! A day before I was going to leave I was given an opportunity at another temp assignment, it was right next to the sea and I went for a quick interview. The 10 minute interview ended up taking a whole hour and I was amazed that my new boss was so similar to me and my family, he got my humour and we shared a lot of the same interests. Life was shaping up and to top it all off, my boss kept dropping into conversation that he had a son who he thought I should meet. I’m not one for being matchmade and I didn’t really realise it was happening until said son walked into our office and I knew he was going to be someone special.  

I know, I just went from woo-woo to super cheesy in one sentence – it’s a skill, ok!

Fast forward to now and I’m manifesting some boss ass shit into my life, I’m in my abundance vortex and I know I won’t settle for anything less.  I began my self love journey many years ago and now it has come full circle where I now help other gorgeous babes realise how worthy they are and coach them to realise and achieve their full potential. 

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