Psst, hey you...

You are meant for this. 

You wake up every morning and feel grey and blah. You’re not where you want to be physically. You’re starting to think if you have to keep going to your job you’ll lose the will to live and you just don’t know where to turn.

You look into the mirror and wish you could change who you see. 

You trudge to work and wish you were your own boss, instead of listening to your superior micro-manage every. single. thing. you. do. 

It feels like it’s all crumbling down but lovely, the best bit is just about to begin.

You are on the edge of the most epic discovery you’ve ever made about yourself, and I’m here to guide you through. 


YAS GAL let's do this!

Let’s meet in the comfort of our own homes, you in your comfiest sweater and me wearing my ‘I’m too saucy’ top. You’re SO ready for this gal, and you know it! 

Gurl, this is the exciting part!

You’ve got yourself this far and now the nerves are starting to kick in. 

You KNOW this is the right decision for you because you’re feeling fear, you’re feeling scrumptious, tummy butterflies and you’re also feeling RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED at the opportunity to invest in yourself and really see what you’re made of. 

How do I know this? I know because you are here, you beautiful thing!

I’ve been whispering to the universe that I want to work with a strong, powerful woman who knows she’s got the guts to follow her dreams and the universe has delivered you to me. 

It’s not just chance, you know. There is no such thing as a coincidence when it comes to your dreams and I know you’ve experienced this. Think back to that time you had been thinking about moving house and suddenly your work colleague has a property to rent that would suit your timeline perfectly or you’ve been in need of a few extra dollars and suddenly an odd job that is exactly right for your skill set pops up. These things don’t just pop up because of good luck, it’s because you’ve manifested them – just like you manifested me! 

You’ve been looking for that change and chance to really flourish and grow to be who you’re meant to be. You also know you need a bad ass bestie to support you to help make that dream a reality and then just like that, I popped up in your world! Dude that’s you manifesting dope-ass shit into your life and it only gets better! 

We spend so much time and money on so many external things (yo, like iPhones these days – necessity but phew that price tag) yet we don’t value INVESTING in OURSELVES

Are you ready to say YES to your ambition and investing in YOU

Ready to step out of your comfort zone and begin to realise that PHENOMENAL things are just WAITING for you? 

YOU manifested ME

Imma just let that sink in. 

So yeah we sit down and chat but like what actually happens?

Put quite simply what you can expect from coaching is … transformation

We dive into subjects you want to address, unpack topics that trigger you and then we work through them

We pull down barriers you have put up (sometimes without even knowing) and we build up your confidence and your knowledge of who you are.

It’s heart-warming, wonderful and rewarding – are you ready for it? 

“I first spoke to Tash when preparing to launch my soul business.

She was open, supportive, full of love and good energy. She helped me figure out and confirm what prices and what packages I would put out into the world when launching.

Tash is amazing. She is so friendly, easy going and down to earth. After my session with her I felt clear and on the right path with what I was doing. She really helped me feel better about myself and my business.

If you are thinking of seeing Tash, I wouldn’t doubt that feeling! Thank you, thank you, thank you Tash, you are incredible. Xxx”

– Anna, Sydney

What is included?

If you choose a one off session, we will chat for that period of time and then part ways, smiling at the memory of our newfound friendship and your hella big shifts. If you’ve chosen a package then you get allllll of thiiissss!


i'm a message away

While we're working together you can contact me whenever you need to. Whether it's to brainstorm an idea, to chat through a confusing time or you want to share your wins - I'm here for you!

online calls

Every week we catch up for our one hour session. This is where the true magic happens and we work hard on pulling down walls and building up courage and awareness.

total mindset shift

Each week that we catch up you will experience different types of inner shifts. You'll feel this in the way you think, the way you behave and the way you approach obstacles in your day-to-day life.

Just want to dip your feet in

You're ready to take the plunge

☼ Weekly coaching calls 

☼ Messaging support – whenever, wherever (oh hey Shakira) 

☼ Shift into positive and happy mentality

☼ Learn about societal conditioning and how that affects your perception of self

☼ Identify negative self talk

☼ Understand limiting beliefs and know how to challenge them

☼ Learn basic psychological principles and increase awareness of your thoughts

☼ Learn about abundance and how you’re already harnessing it in your life

☼ Appreciate and love yourself


You've got some questions and I've got some answers.

Having a coach is like having a friend you can bounce ideas off of, who guides you in directions you weren’t aware you could go and who calls you out for some of the behaviours you sometimes don’t realise you’re portraying. A coach should make you feel excited to live your best life and challenged to continue pushing your limits out of your comfort zone! 

The 90 minute flexi-session is an allocated amount of time that you can use however you want. Feel like four 30 minute sessions? You could do that. Want one jumbo 90 min sesh? We can do that. Essentially you’re purchasing 90 minutes of time but I’m totally flexible about how you use it! 

Gal I totally get it, I know what it’s like to live with a budget. We can have a chat about payment plans – there are heaps of options and I’m totally open to having a convo about what works best for you.  

Not at all! All you need is the internet in order for us to work together. 

Although I am the self love queen, I am also very available to help you in most aspects of life. If you want to work with me, fill out the form below and we can chat to see if we’re suited to each other! 

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